Tips to pick the right kind of sneakers

Tips to pick the right kind of sneakers

Tips to pick the right kind of sneakers

A right pair of sneakers can lift your outfit any day. It can make or break your look. Here are some tips to find the right shoes to match every occasion.

Ishaan Sachdeva, director, Alberto Torresi and Ankita Bajaj, marketing lead, Vans India list down the top looks to nail with right pair of sneakers this summer.

* Airport look: Slip-ons are easy, quick and very efficient. They are comfortable and available in a variety of textures and patterns. It’s impossible to not be able to pair these with any look - be it joggers, rugged jeans, trousers, and even basic denim shorts. You can wear a lifestyle shoe with added comforts of a performance shoe and still look and feel like a million bucks. A must for travelers! This trend is also age-less, meaning you can get one for yourself & one for your dad too. Vans Ultra Range is inspired from this trend & is your all-day comfort yet stylish sneaker.

* Weekend short-trips: There is no better place than a hill station to plan a fun adventurous trip with your friends or family this summer. They are comfortable for tapping hilly areas and covering longer distances. A pair of high top sneakers in amusing tones of grey, royal blue, white and black can give you the right look on your little adventure. Thus it is advisable to buy your favorite high tops well in advance to avoid shoe bites that can be a spoilsport during your travel.

* Fancy Friday night outs: Canvas sneakers are timeless and always go with your fashion quotient. This range of sneaker is a smart and perfect choice for Friday night outs after work with your pals. These shoes are a great match for semi-formal chinos, jeans or any casual trouser paired with t-shirts, shirts or even a sweatshirt. A plain tee with classic blue denims with a printed sneaker is all you need. They could be the Iconic Vans Checkerboard print or quirky collaborations like VansXPeanuts and can take over your wardrobe.

* Formal look: Everyone expects you to wear formal shoes with suits. But sometimes style stereotypes are made to be broken. When in doubt, keep formal looks simple with a basic sneaker which will give an edge to formal wear. Classic black and navy low tops can be paired well with tan or light grey suits.

Sneakers are casual, by nature but current trends are changing, one can now bring a formal spirit to looks with pairing it up with trendy sneakers. Athleisure trend come to the picture again. While they are comfortable performance shoes, they still carry the style of formal shoes. These can totally be a game changer in your everyday look.

* Casual outings: Be it a casual brunch or evening get together, slip on sneakers never fail to impress your peers. Also, they are easy going, comfortable, and very efficient. Available in a variety of textures, prints and patterns, a pair of fashionable sneakers adds up to one’s accessory game.